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Finding Yourself Essay -- Essays Papers

Finding Yourself Hidden under every cloak, every item of clothing, and all makeup lies a body. Under the skin of a body lies a soul, and a mind of thoughts. Reaching further we search for where the thoughts were born. As an embryo we are brought into this world, and raised by our creators. From them we are taught life. Depending on our parents or whoever is raising us we become a person, with thoughts, feelings, emotions, and ideas. Looking deeper it becomes clear that all idea’s exist from aspects we have learned. A single thought is also an embryo, born, and than created by it’s creator. Thoughts exist from teachers and learning and so we are taught the limits humans have, and the opportunities available, all of which exist only because they have been taught. Had the first teacher of life said humans can walk on water, than today’s reality would find us walking on water as a common means of travel. Is it possible that reality is made of thoughts, goals, and than achievements? Years ago when the first rocket took off from Earth astronaut’s were created. It was from a thought that reality changed and allowed for space travel. A thought provokes change, and further development for a race, but where did the thought develop? Almost everything a child learns they are taught. The world becomes a movie to watch and learn from, leaving parents and guardians to be the critic’s. Every child has the choice to become any of the things it observes be...

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Aisha Bint Abu Bakr

Aisha Bint Abu Bakr has a major and significant role in adjusting the Muslim Ummah. It was she who was named the mother of the believers, it was she who transmitted 2210 ahadeeth that we find in books of Prophetic narrations that we read today and it was she who memorised the amazing and glorious book of Allah (s. w. t) the Quran, but who is this decent women? Aisha Bint Abu Bakr was one of the wives of The Prophet Muhammad (s. a. w). She has contributed a lot for the sake of Islam as many hadiths have been narrated from her. Aisha (R. A) was born in 614 CE in the well-known city of Mecca after both her parents had embraced Islam.This was an advantage for Aisha (R. A) as she was free from any polytheism since she was born. However her death took place in Medina when she was at the age of 65 in 678 CE during the blessed month of Ramadan. Aisha was born to Umm Ruman and Abu Bakr As-Sadiq who was the closest companion to our beloved Prophet Muhammad (s. a. w) and had the significant rol e of being the first khalifa of Islam. Most scholars say that Aisha (r. a) was only 9 when The Prophet (s. a. w) asked for her hand in marriage and he was at the age of 43; however she only went to live with the prophet when she reached maturity at the age of 12.Aisha had a very amazing and astonishing personality that surprised Other women Aisha everyone. Aisha (r. a) had significant intelligence and was very knowledgeable. Aisha (RA) was a very brave person that wasn’t frightened of talking back to people in order to find out the truth. When she would beat someone in an argument, The Prophet (s. a. w) would display a smile upon his face and would comment ‘she is the daughter of Abu Bakr (R. A). It was once said that Aisha was so wise that if her knowledge was placed on one side of the scales and all of the other women on the other, Aisha’s side would outweigh the other.Aisha bint Abu Bakr (R. A) is undoubtedly one of the greatest teachers produced by Islam. She had an important role in education and social reform as many Muslim boys and girls were trained with her assistance. Therefore her house had become an Islamic Academy. As a successful teacher, she had a clear persuasive manner of speech. One of the early Muslims stated â€Å"I have heard speeches of Abu Bakr (R. A) and Umar (R. A), Uthman (R. A) and Ali (R. A) up to this day, but I have not heard speech more persuasive and more beautiful from the mouth of Aisha (R.A)†. Aisha (R. A) was married to our beloved Prophet Muhammad (s. a. w) for 9 years. During the period of time that they were married, many important events occurred that helped shape up the destiny of the first Muslim Community of Medina. It was during their progress of marriage that the qibla was changed from facing the direction of Jerusalem to the direction of the Kaa’bah. Not only did the qibla change, but drinking alcohol was completely forbidden and it also became essential for women to wear the hijab in public and during prayer.The guidance of how to fast was revealed, zakat had become compulsory on every Muslim and all rites of the hajj were purified and clarified during the course of her marriage to The Prophet (S. A. W). Most of Aisha’s life spent with The Prophet (S. A. W) was gaining knowledge from Allah’s two main sources of guidance; the Quran and the Sunnah of The Prophet Muhammad (s. a. w). Aisha was one of the four people who transmitted more than 2000 hadiths. Many of these hadiths would be about The Prophet (S. A. W)’s personal behaviour or hygiene that only a person as close as Aisha could have learned about. During Aisha’s marriage, The Prophet (s. . w) married many other women for several reasons from strengthening ties between important families or tribes to relieving the adversity of women who had been divorced or widowed. However the most important reason for these marriages was because Allah willed them as they were righteous women . When Aisha (R. A) lived with The Prophet Muhammad (s. a. w), a lasting and strong friendship was built between her and Sawda; who was also one of The Prophet (s. aw. )’s wives. Sawda took care of Aisha and the household. When Aisha grew up she was given the title of ‘Umm al –Mumineen’ meaning the ‘Mother of the Believers’.This title was given to all of The Prophet (s. a. w)’s wives as they were very respectable women. The Quran clearly states that it is forbidden for any man to marry any of the wives after The Prophet Muhammad (s. a. w) for: â€Å"The Prophet is closer to the believers than their ownselves, and his wives are as their mothers. † (Qur'an: 33:6) â€Å"O you wives of the Prophet, if any of you is openly indecent, the punishment for her will be doubled – and that is easy for Allah. And whoever of you submits to Allah and His Messenger has right action, We shall give her a reward twice over and We have prepar ed a generous provision for her.O you wives of the Prophet, you are not like any other women. If you are fearful of Allah then do not be soft in yspeech, lest someone whose heart is sick is attracted to you, but speak words that are wise. And stay quietly in your houses, do not make a dazzling display like that of the time of ignorance before and establish prayer and pay the Zakat and obey Allah and His Messenger. Surely Allah wishes to remove impurity far from you, O People of the House, and to purify you completely. And remember that ayahs of Allah that are recited in your houses and the wisdom.Surely Allah is Alpervading, All Aware. † (Quran 33:30-34). In conclusion, Aisha (r. a)’s life is a significant example of how women should live. Before Islam, women had a very low status. However when islam was revealed, women were given an important and high position. We should learn from Aisha to be knowledgeable and modest Muslims. She had an important role in islam as she transmitted more than 2000 hadiths that we read today, and she taught many people about islam that is passed down from generation to generation. References: #http://www. isemuslimwomen. org/muslimwomen/bio/aisha_bint_abu_bakr/ #http://www. islamawareness. net/FAQ/aisha_new. html #www. smashwords. com/books/download/30155/†¦ /aisha-ra. rtf #http://harunyahya. com/en/works/114361/Our_mother_Hazrat_Aishas_(ra)_knowledge_ #http://southernmuslimah. wordpress. com/2007/09/06/great-women-in-islam-aisha-bint-abu-bakr/ #http://www. islamawareness. net/Muhammed/ibn_kathir_wives. html #http://magicalprincessdiaries. blogspot. com. au/2009/02/aisha-ra. html #http://almoltaqa. ps/english/showthread. php? t=4177

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Views of Hobbes, Locke and Rousseau - 815 Words

Arden Bentley AP Euro 3/9/13 Thomas Hobbes, John Locke and Jean-Racques Rosseau were philosophers who stated their belief of human nature and how we should govern mankind. Although Rousseau was born a different time than Hobbes and Locke, they all had a very strong influence on the way governments should function. They created a revolutionary idea of the state of nature, the way men were before a government came into play. Each philosopher developed guidelines and responsibilities that the government is obliged to. Although proposing different views and ideas, they all contributed significant ideas to society. Thomas Hobbes, Jock Locke and Jean-Jacques Rousseau all differed on their views of government. Thomas Hobbes described the†¦show more content†¦The state is there to enact the General Will. Society embarked on with the state of nature. The English Civil War was influential to Hobbes and Locke. It made Locke object violence. Hobbes believed that to put an end to the war, an absolute monarchy must b e established. Rousseau was influenced by emotion and not reason. This was the origin of Romanticism. The three philosophers vision of the state of nature was contrasting in terms of things like property and freedom. Hobbes believed that man was essentially evil, bad and corrupt. His view of depravity of human nature was influenced by the English Revolution. He believed that humans would constantly fight if left alone, especially over property which was a limited source that was competed for. Thomas Hobbes essentially believed that humans were not good and order was established by depriving humans of their rights and freedom. According to Hobbes, state of nature was state of war. John Locke believed people were born with a blank slate or mind and their surroundings and environment made them good or evil. Like Rousseau, Locke believes that people are equal, not in ability but in rights. People are born entitled to natural rights, life liberty and property. He stated, Man is born fr ee, and everywhere is in chains† was said by Rousseau. He also thought that men were born free and are good and that it is society that is corrupt. In order to accomplish this objective, society must eliminate all titles. HisShow MoreRelatedEssay on The Natural Ways of Locke, Hobbes, and Rousseau1207 Words   |  5 Pagesthe rise of capitalism, social structure is reformed; it is during this rise in the early seventeenth and eighteenth century, that John Locke, Thomas Hobbes, and Jean-Jacques Rousseau introduce their varying opinions surrounding man in nature. The western philosophers mainly concern themselves with the concept of the social contract. Rousseau, Hobbes, and Locke begin with the conception of the individual, because in the natural state, they all believe that man is an independent character. Each ofRead MoreHuman Nature Establishes Political Authority982 Words   |  4 Pagesaccounts of how human nature establishes political authority. Hobbes believes that beca use the state of nature is a constant state of war, the role of government must be to protect the people to protect people from themselves. Therefore, the purpose of political authority is to enforce law and order, and that the purpose of government is to control and be authoritative and should not be responsible for representing the people. Hobbes believes that you must give up your natural rights for peace. InRead MoreHobbes, Locke and Rousseau on Classic Liberalism1091 Words   |  4 Pages Everyone has their own very unique views on everything in the world. What’s right and what’s wrong is a good example of how humanity views different subjects let’s say a man kills another man to protect his family from harm he may see it as okay to do but in the bible it says â€Å"thou shall should not kill† so it’s all how you look at it. In this paper I will be discussing the different view point of Hobbes, Locke, and Rousseau on the most basic tenets of classical liberalism. For example the statesRead MoreRousseau, Locke, and Hobbes Essay1200 Words   |  5 Pagesgrounds of equality, justice, and freedom. Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, and Jean-Jacques Rousseau were all members of The Enlightenment movement, and each had their own idea on how human society should be structured and run. Locke and Hobbes lived around the same time, and some of their political theories were the same, however, by the time Rousseau came along, much had changed. Born in Geneva to a middle class watch maker, Jean-Jacques Rousseau was to become one of the most influential thinkersRead MoreThe State Of Nature : Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, And Jean Jacques Rousseau902 Words   |  4 Pagesneeds, and scarcity are a few examples of human needs that are not reversible. There were three theorist who had different views on the state of nature. Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, and Jean Jacques Rousseau. Each theorist had some similar and different views Thomas Hobbes was not a positive person. He believed it was a dog eat dog world, and every man for themselves. Hobbes was no supporter of democratic government. He did not agree with the laws, and believed they shouldn t be enforced. His solutionRead MoreJohn Locke: Founding Father of Modern Era Liberalism1444 Words   |  6 PagesThomas Hobbes, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and John Locke are all great thinkers who were greatly influential in forming philosophies that would affect the future of politics. By analyzing each philosopher’s ideology, we can identify which thinker’s theory reflected modern era liberalism the most. For this paper I will be arguing that, John Locke provides a more compelling framework of modern era liberalism because of his perception of the state of nature, the social contract and the function of governmentRead MoreThomas Hobbes And John Locke1256 Words   |  6 Pages Differing greatly from the views of Plato, Socrates (as seen through Plato†™s teachings), and Aristotle, modern philosophers focused more prominently on human nature instead of the pressing matters of diverse government systems. Granted, Thomas Hobbes and John Locke do discuss political systems to some extent, but they are nowhere near as invested in the ideas of the just and political systems which enticed Plato and Socrates. John Locke was a forward thinker who believed that man is inherently aRead MoreModern Liberalism and Political Policies1337 Words   |  6 PagesModern Liberalism Thomas Hobbes, John Locke and Jean Jacques Rousseau’s political philosophies and theories each differ from one another’s, but these three philosophers have all staked their claims as to what man would be like, prior to the formation of the state. This is the State of Nature. Their notions on the social contract reflect their position on the political spectrum. These three philosophers also examine the purpose and function of the government to individuals of the state. Modern liberalismRead MoreRousseaus Criticisms Of The Progress And Prosperity1252 Words   |  6 PagesRousseau’s Criticisms of the Progress and Prosperity In an essay contest seeming to beckon praise for the arts and sciences, Jean-Jacques Rousseau presents a criticism. In 1750, a time when man seems to be tirelessly working to conquer nature by reason and believes progress to almost exclusively be this conquering of nature, Rousseau forms his thoughts around the inherent goodness of nature. He presents what he believes to be man’s original state of nature and then delves into the corruptions causedRead MoreLegal Positivists : Legal Positivism896 Words   |  4 Pagesthese laws, legal positivist will not view these laws as enforceable or valid (George, 1996). Legal positivist respect credible sources, the Annunaki will not serve as a credible source in legal positivist eyes. The legal positivist view laws as social construction that are meant to help shape society in a positive and productive manner (George, 1996). The laws that the Annunaki Gods, do not fit into the theory of legal positivism. Thomas Hobbes Thomas Hobbes is a philosopher accredited with introducing

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Imperialism And Its Effects On Society - 1513 Words

When a person thinks of Imperialism and its effects what is the first concept they might envision? Slavery? Poverty? The empire that covered the world? One might think of men in power or men as the forefront of every decision. While those are all logical assumptions, in reality, in a paradisiacal reality they are not completely accurate. The ignored onlookers in these disparagements were women. Women are the ones who witness the choices being made, they understand the changes taking place, but were they acknowledged during this struggle for power?—not entirely. When one looks at the absence of feminine presence during the time of imperialism we are proposed with what role did they serve and was it meaningful? Did they support this cause or stand for the plight of those enslaved? Looking into the literature that reflects this era, one can assume they knew over and above of what was going on than the men assumed. Using the elements of fiction and truth a mass amount can be gain ed from understanding how women fit in with the government/patriarchy. From novels comparably, A Passage to India and A Handmaid’s Tale, these two reflect different times: a realistic time of Indian Imperialism and a Utopian fantasy that could indubitably become the future of tomorrow. How do they correspond with the role of women? Both either represent or differ from the true, unseen representation of women amongst the power of the elite, against the suppressors of the minority, and theShow MoreRelated Shooting an Elephant Essay1373 Words   |  6 Pagesofficer, and reflects it to the nature of imperialism. He hates his job as a police officer in Moulmein because an â€Å"anti-European feeling was very bitter† due to British Empire’s dictatorship in Burma. Therefore, Orwell, a white man is being treated disrespectfully by the Burmese which allows him to hate his job and British Empire, the root of everything. However, the incident of shooting of an elephant gi ves him a â€Å"better glimpse †¦ of the real nature of imperialism – the real motives for which despoticRead MoreImperialism as a Source of Many Conflicts throughout History658 Words   |  3 PagesImperialism a source of most if not all conflicts throughout history. No matter the century or time period, the start of all wars, battles, and conflicts all draw their roots back to imperialism. Imperialism have had great impacts on nations and brought many changes to societies and their cultures. It has impacted on people lives and how they live. It has affected our societies to this day and shaped or helped create foundations for our countries and cultures that we have today. Imperialism beganRead MoreGlobalization : Positive And Negative Effects On Todays Society1582 Words   |  7 PagesGlobalization has both positive and negative effects on the environment, societies, as well as today’s cultures. Cultural globalization refers to the process of spreading oneâ €™s cultural values, ideology, and uniqueness on a global level. Cultural globalization can have both positive and negative effects on today’s society as well. A positive effect of cultural globalization is the easy accessibility of different cultural products and commodities. A negative effect of cultural globalization is that smallerRead MoreAnalysis Of Rudyard Kipling s The White Man s Burden / Send Forth The Best Ye Breed1132 Words   |  5 PagesWestern nations, such as America and England, was superior to foreign cultures. He was an admirer of British imperialism in India, and was a strong advocate for America’s involvement in the Philippines. Kipling earnestly believed that foreign peoples would benefit from the forceful introduction of American culture. This position has, of course, proven to be heavily misguided, and the damaging effects of colonialism are still being felt today in the Global South. The cultural conversion advocated by KiplingRead Mor e Shooting an Elephant Essays1356 Words   |  6 Pagesexperiences as a British police officer in Lower Burma, and reflects it to the nature of imperialism. Since â€Å"anti-European feeling was very bitter† due to the British Empire’s dictatorship in Burma, Orwell is being treated disrespectfully by the Burmese (12). This allows him to hate his job and the British Empire. However, the incident of shooting of an elephant gives him a â€Å"better glimpse †¦ of the real nature of imperialism – the real motives for which despotic government act† (13). Through his life experiencesRead MoreThe Effects of Economic Imperialism on Colonization in Canada516 Words   |  3 Pages Economic imperialism is a central part of the ongoing contemporary colonization of indigenous peoples in Canada. Since the colonial era marked the beginning of imperialism in North America, an intricate web of power and domination have formed leaving Indigenous communities in the grip of its economic philosophy. This has led to the ongoing contribution to the disposition of Indigenous peoples in Canada. Economic imperialism can be defined as the need for countries to expand their territories inRead MoreBritish Imperialism in India Essay706 Words   |  3 Pagescontrol of the British until their independence in 1947. British imperialism caused some negative effects on India through poverty and persecution, but retained more of a positive impact due to its massive improvements in the modernization of India and the overall improvement of Indian civilization. Despite impacting India very positively, imperialism still caused problems within the Indian society. An example of this negative effect is that poverty was very prevalent in India due to the dismantlingRead MoreCause and Effect on World War 1 Essay743 Words   |  3 PagesCause and Effect on World War 1 World War One, a huge conflict that sparked in 1914 and lasting all the way until 1918. The war was between the world’s greatest powers as two opposing sides; the Central Powers and the Allies. It was a chain of events that had started this was which consist of key features such as imperialism, alliances, growth of militarism, crisis, and nationalism. It was the result of these accumulating factors that had eventually evoked war. The effects on World War OneRead More Max Weber on Society Essay870 Words   |  4 PagesMax Weber on Society Max Weber was one of the worlds greatest sociologists and wrote a lot about the capitalist world he lived in. He had a different conception of capitalist society than most of his contemporaries. He looked at capitalism from all the different aspects that the philosophy was made of. Some of these aspects are state power, authority, class inequality, imperialism, and bureaucracy. To understand how Weber thought one must look at each area separately then put them all togetherRead MoreImperialism In The 19Th Century Resulted In European Countries1726 Words   |  7 PagesImperialism in the 19th century resulted in European countries using social Darwinism to justify controlling the social and cultural lives of natives in African countries.When Chinua Achebe published Things fall apart in 1958, a novel criticizing the European aspects of imperialism, his aspiration was to teach readers that â€Å"their past-with all its imperfections-was not one long night of savagery from which the fi rst Europeans acting on God’s behalf delivered them†(Chinua Achebe on the Role of the

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The Evolution of Film-Making Technology - 1417 Words

Film Industry has been expansively affected by the changes in technology. The mechanical and digital innovations give cause to the influence of equipment, distribution and the way in which films are made and consumed. New trends shape directors and filmmakers to expand creatively towards telling stories in motions. The film industry has developed to one of the most important tools of communication, its cause so powerful affecting the way individuals and societies think, act and behave. Among the new Era approaching film, and seeing celluloid film fade is that of the Digital Era and a camera that saw celluloid films passing hastened. The cinematographic camera industry emerged in fact more than 100 years ago, it was only until recently that significant digital changes took place, apart from minimal technological improvements. Before the invention of digital cameras the main medium for shooting a movie was on celluloid film in which the quality of the image was very high from the beginning. However these cameras had some inconveniences. The cinematographer would have to set the lighting and frame to the directors vision and make sure that it was right. He could not see immediately if the scene was shot as desired and this caused the workflow to be very complex and time consuming which most producers would see limited. The developing, processing, transferring, editing and conforming the film normally took a day and the director along with the cinematographer would sitShow MoreRelatedFilm Review On The Film Cinema 1673 Words   |  7 PagesThroughout the history of cinema, a never-ending evolution in technological progression – paired with filmmakers’ resourcefulness and ingenuity – allowed for the development of style and encouraged a more involved craft, thus giving individual films a specific personality which therefore eased the process of discerning which piece of cinema was created by which filmmaker. Because of the progress made in film technology, especially early on, certain aspects of filmmaking that once were inconceivableRead MoreTechnological Evolution in the Film Industry Essay701 Words   |  3 Pageschanging. With that, the development of motion picture complexity has changed the film industry by a continuing technological evolution. It is evident that films have changed significantly over the last 100 years. The intricacy of filmmaking technology has rapidly progressed, allowing creative potential for filmmakers. Films are often due to technological advances, or even to reintroduce a classic story. Some examples of films that have been remade include Sc arface (1932), remade in 1983, and The MagnificentRead MoreThe Blu Ray Disc1456 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction An emergence roadmapping process is crucial to managers and policy makers taken decisions about which technologies it should be or it should not be developed, despite the uncertain trends of the market. This report aims to address the emergence roadmapping of the Blu-ray disc. It will be structured in the three essential parts: the development of this technology, the environment involved and its initial market and competitors. The first part describes the technological developmentRead MoreThe Evoluation of Media Essay563 Words   |  3 Pagesremoved to the media my parents accessed many years ago. I have been long fascinated by the way media has developed around me and the role I play in the evolution of it. Production of digital media not only excites me, but challenges my very being as I am only a minor part in an ever developing media world. The evolution of media stemming from technologies and innovations which are changed, adapted and evolved everyday brings a whole new level of relevance to the core of the course. The many facets ofRead MoreThe Cultural Context and Evolution of the Telephone963 Words   |  4 Pagesï » ¿The Cultural Context and Evolution of the Telephone It is common knowledge that the telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876 and that Bell was awarded the patent after a race (and legal battle) with Elisha Gray of the Western Electric Telegraph Company; what is less well-known is the cultural context that enabled the invention or the effect that the telephone eventually had on modern life. This paper places the invention of the telephone into context and explores the relationshipRead MoreEssay on Special Effects: Simulation in Cinema by Temengua Trifonova1084 Words   |  5 Pagesthat, in a world where pluralism, an ability to engage in any culture, is more widely practiced than ever before thanks to technology, mainstream media has become so limited. Such limited depictions of contemporary culture reduce humanity’s ability to identify the constructed nature of their reality and to imagine possibilities outside of this system. Advancements in technology have made it possible for astonishing inventions such as nearly limitless access to information via the internet, improvementsRead MoreHow Media Has Influenced The Production Of Documentaries1414 Words   |  6 Pagesadvancements, such as cameras, audio equipment, editing stations and even the distribution of the films themselves. As such it is important to see the impact that these advancements have had on the making of documentaries both stylistically and technically. It is important to first know what a documentary is to fully understand why the development of technology has shaped them. From their conception documentary films have been about capturing life, about the â€Å"raw material of actuality.† (Beattie; 10) NotRead MoreTechnology in the American Classroom1154 Words   |  5 Pages Technology has dramatically influenced our modern day culture in several ways; we now operate completely different compared to the past. In fact, it can be shown in many tasks that we very rarely complete a simple operation without the use of technology. For example, washing dishes, heating food, doing our homework, and even communication are all examples of how technology has evolved simple tasks. Even furthermore, technology has changed the way education has been taught and received in AmericanRead MoreSome Theorists Believe Cinema Must Be Realistic And May1725 Words   |  7 Pagesonly be seen as art if it remains in its original form—a static image on film stock. Others, however, argue that cinema is an important and relevant art medium no matter its form. Digital cinema, while making use of new and different technologies such as animation, is the next step in the evolution of film. Contrary to what certain theorists believe, it is the most efficient and most artistically inclined way to create films as it offers a world of possibilities. This is elaborated on in â€Å"DigitalRead MoreThe Importance Of Fairy Tales1065 Words   |  5 Pageslisteners were extremely important to them, because the response of the listens helped to form the genre (â€Å"Why Fairy Tales Stick: The Evolutions and Relevance of a Genre† 17). The media has played an enormous role in the relevancy of fairy tales. The characters of these stories have visual representations now through device such as painting, photography, radio, and film. They each have a certain look that has expected when the characters are used in different adaptions. While, word of mouth to spread

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Play It Again Sam Analysis free essay sample

Sam is an excellent production, by far one of Woody Allen’s best movies. It tells the story of Allan Felix, a neurotic New York film critic who is left by his wife, since according to her he is an ‘observer, not a doer’. This devastating event makes him fall into a deep depression; consequentially, he gets corporal aid from his married friends, Linda and Dick. However, this help appears not to be enough, Allan’s love life seems going nowhere until he creates a special connection with Linda, which leads him into her arms. My opinion about this movie being excellent is based on several facts, which can be easily appreciated when watching this extremely controversial film. The word ‘controversial’ should be emphasized when analyzing this movie, considering that the topics discussed in it were not commonly discussed or confronted in the mid nineties, time in which this film was released. We will write a custom essay sample on Play It Again Sam Analysis or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page This movie is considered polemic due to the obvious critiques towards the American’s daily life, which is achieved by mentioning different subjects such as, dependence. This theme is represented in a different way depending on the character we focus; with Allan, this topic is represented by the deep depression he falls into, which follows him though all the film. When focusing in another character, Linda in this case, her dependence is shown by her pill addiction. Finally Dick, he is a workaholic, his dependence takes him to the point when he starts comparing his love to his wife with an ‘economical investment’. These characters decide to depend on something so it is easier for them to be secure and comfortable, ignoring the problems surrounding them and escaping from reality. Stereotyping is another main theme in this movie. When Dick asks Allan how he liked women, he describes a model type ‘Skinny, blond, good breasts’. This stereotype of perfect women is a consequence of the idol worshiping so characteristic of us, human beings. We all have someone we follow. An actress, singer, model, etc. someone we relate ourselves with or because we want to overcome something we don’t like about ourselves, we always use someone as a reference and Allan is not the exception. Allans character is a Humphrey Bogart-obsessed film writer that has abundant imagination. Bogart himself appears as an apparition to give Allen advices. Allan: I cant do it. How does it look? I invite her over and then come on like a sex degenerate. What am I, a rapist? Bogart: Youre getting carried away. You think too much. Just do it. Allan: Were platonic friends. I cant spoil that by coming on. Shell slap my face. Bogart: Oh, Ive had my face slapped plenty of times. Allan: Yeah, but your glasses dont go flying across the room. The reason why Woody Allen sets the title ‘Play it again, Sam’ is because it is originally a quote from the film Casablanca, and as I already said before the main character is obsessed over this movie (Casablanca) and the main character of it. Not only the apparitions of imaginary characters and dependence on drugs and self unconformity but how music is applied to the film shows how Allan is trying to escape from reality and place himself in a romantic Bogart movie. Every time he has a date, he turns on the music volume really loud so that the atmosphere is more movies like or factionary. We can appreciate this all over the movie and mostly at the end when he quotes the ending of Casablanca. Finally, trying too hard is the last main topic. Allan is always trying too hard for everything, making things tougher for himself and being clumsy. This is a quote from the movie demonstrating what I just stated, Allan: What are you doing Saturday night? Woman: Committing Suicide. Allan: What about Friday night? This character is always trying to fit in, we can appreciate in a scene on the movie the night after his wife leaves him that he goes to a pub and takes a drink but he doesn’t really likes it, he is juts doing what most of the men do trying to be normal. In conclusion, I believe this is a great movie, considering that it is not only hilarious; but it is fascinating how the different elements used by the film director Herbert Ross such as, music, effects, lights and place set; creates a perfect atmosphere for each of the scenes. Also, the actors chosen were all brilliant choices and how every character has its own meaning, contributing a special and unique theme to this classical film. This movie is one of my favorite oldies.

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The Circle of Life Essay Essay Example

The Circle of Life Essay Essay Black Elk introduces us to the â€Å"Circle of Life† position on clip. infinite. and being. which is common to many cardinal faiths. In this essay I will discourse this spiritual worldview and depict its apprehension and perceptual experiences of world. Contrast it to the more additive clip. infinite. and being constructs of modern cultural faiths. Last. I will compare Black Elk’s thoughts with the Christian position of nature and intent of Creation. This is the quotation mark from Black Elk. Ogala Sioux Holy Man. â€Å"You have noticed that everything and Indian does is in a circle and that is because the Power of the World ever works in circles. and everything attempts to be round†¦Everything the Power of the World does is done in a circle. The sky is round. and I have heard that the Earth is round like a ball. and so are all the stars. The air current. in its greatest power. commotions. Birds make their nests in circles. for theirs is the same faith as ours. The Sun comes away and goes down once more in a circle. The Moon does the same. and both are round like the nests of birds. and these were ever set in a circle. The nation’s hoop. a nest of many nests. where the Great Spirit meant for us to hatch our kids. † We will write a custom essay sample on The Circle of Life Essay specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on The Circle of Life Essay specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on The Circle of Life Essay specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer The Circle of Life has many different significances for everyone. The circle of life Begins when we are born into the universe. When we are born there is a connexion to household. Our life continues in circles and our kids are taught in circles. I know that we all are familiar with the stating. what goes about. will come back around. Whatever we do to a individual will sooner or later come back in a circle. In the Word of God it states. â€Å"Be non lead on. God is non mocked for whatsoever a adult male soweth. that he shall besides harvest. † ( Galatians 6:7 NIV ) So we must retrieve whatever we do in life whether good or bad will come back in a circle. Harmonizing to our talk notes. â€Å"the universe is biocentric and all life vegetations and zoology is considered portion of a incorporate religious household in which all life. including worlds. unrecorded harmoniously. † ( Hopfe. 2005 ) In the cardinal universe worlds are non considered the focal point of creative activity and or non superior or given a high place to the remainder of creative activity. ( Hopfe. 2005 ) In this text we are introduced to how the Indian civilization perceives things in life. First and foremost they look at everything in a circle or to be round. For illustration the Earth is round or it forms a round gesture. and is shaped like a ball. The air current is shaped as a circle because it blows around and commotions. the Moon is round. even the season’s alteration on a twelvemonth unit of ammunition footing. Everything that the Indians expression at is in a round gesture. The Oglala Sioux constructs will neer alter ; they ever will travel on a common bison Hunt. the bison Hunts are one of their most effectual ways of life merely because they do non merely utilize the bison for eating intents but for other ways as good. Example they use the fells. castanetss. and other stuff for mundane life. Black Elk’s thoughts on the Christian point of view of nature and creative activity describe birds. and how they lay their eggs in a nest that is circle. and how everything is repeated in a circle. The intent of creative activity is to guarantee that everything is in a round gesture. and in a human point of view we birth our kids in the same manner to a certain grade. From how we birth our kids. raise our kids. and see our kids do the same thing for their kids like we did them. Everything is repeated. even though the twenty-four hours in age alterations everything is invariably on a repetition. In this essay I explained to you on how Black Elk perceived life to be in a round gesture. and the manner of life from the Sioux Indians all the manner unto how we look at everything. no affair what race. ethnicity or credo. everything is performed in a round gesture. The lone thing that may alter is the day of the month and clip. and everything else remains the same. MentionsHopfe. L. M. ( 2005 ) . Religions of the universe ( 9Life Application Study Bible ( NIV ) . ( 1997 ) Wheaton. IL. Tyndale House Publishers.